Weather forecasts highly inaccurate


Hello, I’m finding that the Rachio weather forecast is highly inaccurate for my area, is this a known issue? I’m located in Calgary Canada and the forecast shown in the app is way off compared to Environment Canada. For example this week it’s forecasting high 37C / low 29C, versus Environment Canada which is high 28C / low 12C. It’s almost as though it’s showing the completely wrong city (it just doesn’t get that hot in Canada!). Any ideas on what is going on?

Functionality in Canada

Have you tried a different weather station? National or personal weather station?



Yes, I’ve tried a number of different weather stations which seem to sometimes make a degree or two difference but not significant. Here is an example of the level of error that I’m seeing for the next 3 days:

Rachio forecast (high/low temp in degrees C): 34/21 34/20 37/29
Environment Canada forecast: 26/13 30/15 28/12

I checked the Aeris site and the forecasts they publish are also buggy. For example, it shows forecasted temperature for Thurs at 3am as 34C, and Thurs at 3pm is 24C. In reality the current temperature at midnight is 14C. How do I flag this to the Rachio team so they can contact Aeris to find out what’s going on? This has got to be affecting my watering algorithm in a big way.



@Mjessee, can you follow up with our support team (they have been emailing you) with the weather station IDs that are misreporting and we’ll submit them for review?

Are there any PWS stations in the area that are reporting accurate temps per your observation?

Best, Emil


Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m using station MID_E0424, others in Calgary behave the same way. I noticed that on the forecasts were also way off (for all the Canadian cities I tried). I contacted their support and they replied:

Thanks, the core issue was tied to one of the Canadian models that was being utilized, it had a bad data run. The short term solution we have removed this model, which has helped the forecasts match closer.

So it looks like they had an issue on their end that they’ve temporarily fixed. It might be worth a follow-up from the Rachio team, since the Aeris weather is critical the Rachio service working properly.


Great thanks for this, saved us one fewer support call :wink:



Hi Franz, I wanted to let you know that this issue still exists. Weather forecast for Calgary for tonight (Tues) is showing a low of 29C versus Environment Canada shows a low of 16C. A low of 29C would never happen here.

I think Rachio should raise this with Aeris, as their weather forecast API clearly doesn’t work for Canada, and this feature is a key part of the Rachio system.