Weather data (precipitation) issues?

I was surprised to see the alerts on my phone this morning that my Rachio Gen 2 system watered the lawn. We got 4" of rain two days ago, which I confirmed by looking at the weather data provided by the PWS I have selected. It’s not my own, but about a mile from my house. Having looked at the app the other day, it showed my next Flex Schedule watering would be the 22nd given all the rain. But, for some reason, ALL of the local weather stations are now reporting barely any or no rain over the past week, triggering the change in schedule. What gives? Even the Aeris Weather history for my town is showing 0.06" of rain on 9/18 even though the description for that day says “Heavy Rain.” I would have manually set a weather delay, but I thought the system had already made the smart decision for me. Now, the mushrooms are going bonkers in my yard.

@jmeserve77 The station you have selected looks offline. I’d suggest picking a different station that has more accurate data.


Odd, it was showing in the days before because I checked to see how much rain we got locally. My other issue is the closest NWS station at KNASH doesn’t seem to be reliably reporting precipitation data over the last month plus.