Weather Always Shows It'll Rain

I’ve noticed this summer that my Rachio ios app always shows that it’ll rain each day. Now we are in the monsoons here in the desert, but it definitely doesn’t rain each day or even come close to it… most days there aren’t even clouds. It seems that if there is any % chance of rain, it’ll show the rain clouds and make it seem like I should start building the ark. It’s a bit misleading. I know my flex daily will account for precipitation correctly, but just thought I’d throw this out there.

I have noticed a little of this, too. There have been times when rain is forecasted (say 20-40 percent chance) and irrigation is skipped. The storms don’t arrive in Oklahoma City and parts of my landscape suffer, mainly the fescue in my shady backyard. Any suggestions? When does Rachio update weather information and make watering decisions?

See my request. Perhaps if enough of us chime in, this will get higher priority. It’s a real concern in my neck of the woods.

And because I spoke about it yesterday, here it is today showing sun for once :roll_eyes:

@Modawg2k For weather that you are experiencing we receive “Isolated showers” or “Thunderstorms” from our weather provider and we use a generic “It’s raining” icon.

I’m having the team look at building one or two more weather icons to better disaggregate the different weather status values we ingest.



As always, we appreciate the way you listen to us in this community. I look forward to hearing solutions to this problem. As you know, skipped irrigation events in the summer can become more critical than spring or fall.

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My calendar has spent most of our monsoon season showing rain, even though it is usually a blanket 20% chance (lazy weather forecasters…), but it hasn’t affected any of my runs unless measurable rain. But the ONE time I got .82" of rain last week, Rachio did what Rachio does best!!!

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I have this same problem during the monsoon here in Tucson. My controller thinks its going to rain most days yet at our house we’ve had less than 3/4" since early spring! If I don’t keep on top of what my controller does and add many manual waterings everything but our cactus would be dead.

Please give use the ability disable use of the forecast and only use actual rainfall.

Mine has yet to actually skip a watering due to the “forecasted” rain, but when I look at the moisture graph, the forecasted rainfall amounts are never more than .08" or so…

@RayT what scheduled do you run?