Watering windows for Flex Scheduling

Sorry if this is duplicated elsewhere. I looked through all of the product suggestions and didn’t find any threads that mentioned it (though the OP on this one has a similar idea; No Water Option When Sun Is Out).

I would love if there was an option for multiple watering windows (with start and stop time). My neighborhood has restrictions where I can only water during certain time windows (say MWF, 6-7). Ideally the system would take the zone info (soil, slope, head, etc), and allowable watering times then water however it sees fit depending on weather, etc.

It could water whatever zones it had time for in one window, and more in the next if it runs out of time. I’m sure in some cases the windows could be too restrictive for the system to water your yard enough and it would constantly be playing catch-up. If that’s the case, maybe it would notify the user. That way the user would know its doing everything it can and that the Iro is basically watrering during the full extent of all of available watering windows.

I hope I’m making sense. I guess you could think of it like automatic scheduling within a users time limitations. I’m sure its much easier said than done, but would be fantastic if you guys could implement something like that!

That said, thanks for the awesome work you guys do and being so available and responsive on the forums. I love that you guys listen to outside ideas and keep adding features!

Thanks for the suggestions, i’ll make sure the product team receives this. Flex schedules work sort of like this, except for the stop time, but I understand the distinction of having a true watering window.

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Exactly. The stop time is the biggest difference. Another change would be the “multiple” aspect of it. My neighborhood rules actually are MWF 6-7 AM or PM. (Different neighbors have different windows.) I don’t think there is currently a way for flex scheduling to use all 6 of those windows, I would only be able to do am or pm and use 3. That currently limits me to fixed schedules I think. But to me the biggest advantage of a smart controller is being able to take my hands out of scheduling completely. Tell it “here’s when you are allowed to water” and it does the rest. Probably just because I’m lazy :wink:

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Thanks @jlegoza. Great suggestions. This has come up a few times. I can’t promise timing and completion, but we’ll discuss.

Have a great day.