Watering times and frequency


When I create a schedule and Rachio shows the watering times… are those meant to be weekly? If they are daily, it doesn’t mean much since it would depend on how many times per week they are applied.


If you’re using the Flex Daily Schedule, if there is a predicted day to water its zone(s), you’ll see a green dot on the calendar on the Schedule screen. You can click that dot to see what schedule it is. Depending on the weather forecast, there may not be any green dots showing up until there are enough dry days forecasted. If you want a more predictable schedule, try creating a Flex Monthly schedule and take a look at the calendar view in Schedule.

I agree that it would be very informative for the Flex Daily scheduler to say “Depending on many factors, Iro will water about every 4 days” where it shows the watering time estimate. I’ve found that it wants to water my trees about every 3 days if there’s enough dry weather.

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