Watering Time and/or Amount Discrepancy

Using a Flex Daily schedule. History shows my front yard for today starting at 5:00am and finishing at 6:48am. Have the zone set for 0.53 inches per hour at 70% efficiency. Field balance only shows irrigation for the day as only 0.2".

While investigating this I looked at security camera and found that front yard started at 5:00am and actually finished at 6:09am?

I don’t have Cycle and Soak being used so trying to figure out what might be causing these various discrepancies. Under the October usage is only shows 38 minutes of run-time.

Tuesday’s cycle all looks correct. Irrigation amount is 0.57", security cam and history and monthly usage all look like it started at 5:00am and finished at 6:48am.

Am I missing something?