Watering Schedule Calendar: Precipitation History

I noticed when looking at the Watering Schedule calendar, Rachio deletes the days that have already occurred. I think these should stay on the Rachio Calendar as precipitation events and be slectable. Perhaps you should turn them grey to indicate that they are pass events. When clicked, they should show the precipitation levels for that day. Also, any day where we actually receive rainfall should show as a blue rain drop on the calendar.

It is quite tedious to see past precipitation events. We need this viewable in one location.


Thanks for the feedback @garyjnj1- I agree we could do a better job of explaining what has happened in past waterings, and as well as future waterings. How far back would you like to see?

~12 - 18 Months.

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A typical season is ~6 months, so I think most people only care about the current season, and so 6 months should be the minimum amount saved. However, in general it’s preferable to not destroy user data, therefore if there isn’t a memory issue, then storing all of the data would be the better approach.

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Here in the Northeast USA we encounter 4 seasons.

Sure, but how many months out of the year do you run your irrigation system?

Depending upon the weather, anywhere from as early as March - mid October.