Watering Percentage Shift

Here in California as you know, we find ourselves in drought conditions on occasion and we are asked to conserve water usage especially on landscaping.
Depending on conditions and severity of the drought, the state will mandate various saving % by area of the state.

I have recently installed a Rachio3 Controller and one option I had on my prior controller was a function to change the watering + or - by a % of the scheduled amount the controller is planning to water. Assuming a normal day would by 100%, I would like to see a manual setting to set this + or - by the amount being asked to conserve.

I’ve already sent support a note on this suggestion, please add your comments for its support +1…



@pcklopp Ironically we used to have that feature and we drove to make the app simpler and removed it a while back. I believe we should have left that feature since not having actually puts the burden on customers to determine how to increase/decrease by percent versus minutes.

@mitchell @mckynzee Let’s make sure we track this in the backlog when we are looking at scheduling enhancement features.


@franz, Thanks for acknowledging this as an important enhancement. Due to requirements placed on water conservation it would be literally impossible for your algorithms to know all the specific requirements of every water district everywhere and how much needed to be conserved. Also from a user perspective it would be literally impossible to know how many minutes to cut back when it depends on evaporation rates, humidity, etc.

There’s nothing simplier than a + - % a user can set to stay in the good graces of their water districts and also conserve water. Please make the scale both + & - as there are times when a little more water is needed for a short period of time.


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