Watering Now Status is always on

So I am at work now. i just installed the Rachio a few days ago. So far loving the product. I just checked the app and it is in the watering now status where it should be online. I am a bit confused. I have to leave work in 2 hrs but hope it is not water in my lawn all this time. There is no history or schedual set yet so am not sure why it would say this. Any help is appreciated.

Also I tried to disable it but nothing. Checked the app and online and same status.

Let me know if this is common, will try to get home asap.


Hey @lexx1526-

I am going to check your account now for you, I will let you know what I see. I want to make sure it isn’t watering until you get home :joy:

Did you run your back yard grass yesterday evening for ten minutes? I think for some reason your app never got notice that it finished that run- this could have been caused by your controller falling offline mid run… Regardless, I don’t think your controller is currently running, it just seems like your app is in a weird state. When you get home do you mind telling me if any lights are blinking on your controller? I will continue to investigate, but I wouldn’t worry about it running the whole time until you get home :slight_smile:

@lexx1526 Alright third post in a row- definitely against forum etiquette… moderators can break rules right?

Seems like your controller fell offline before finishing the run, and the app didn’t get the update that it was done running. It is fixed now though, and I promise it wasn’t running that whole time! It also looks like your controller reconnected by itself, so don’t worry about check the lights when you get home.

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OK, Thanks for the info. I just did get home and everything looks normal. Thanks for the quick response.

I did water the grass in 1 zone only yesterday for 10 min. The top LED is flashing though.

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Oh never mind it is still offline then! Give me a moment…

So the controller says online and i just turned on a zone. But top LED is still blinking

@lexx1526 Do you mind power cycling the controller (unplugging for about 15 seconds and then plugging back in) and then telling me what lights are showing on the controller?

OK so they were all solid when I checked now. But did power cycle and they are still all solid. So looks good now.

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@lexx1526 Great! Happy watering :blush:

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