Watering not being logged on flexible

Hi all - I just finished reading a number of entries on the issue I am seeing the latest one here Watering not being logged - kind of. I just changed one of my zones to a flexible daily schedule and what I don’t understand is why the watering for it is not logged. And since it is never logged the water levels are never changing in the graphs. I have a couple other zones on set schedules which work fine.

Here are the settings for my flexible schedule zone. It is a simple drip setup for my raised vegetable beds. I have allowed depletion at 30% because I have a mix of deep rooted tomatoes as well as short rooted onions, etc.

And here are the settings for the Flexible Schedule

According to the calendar the next time the zone watering will run is April 12th. On this Friday (4/7) and Today (4/10) the zone ran. So fine, the zone ran a couple times because it thought it needed to - I am in San Diego in direct sun with no rain in sight.

But what I don’t get is the Moisture Level chart.

Each of these two waterings have not been added to the chart nor any watering history in Rachio. The chart indicates I am at a 22% moisture level and that no watering has happened the last few days. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Flexible Daily Schedule is watering the zone shouldn’t it show in the moisture levels and change the current capacity? At this rate when the zone runs per the calendar on the 13th isn’t the zone going to get blasted with water again since my moisture level is showing that it is very low?

My wife said that maybe it is just the dew from the morning causing the water in the zone. To prove she was wrong I put a drip catch under an emitter Saturday. Sure enough, it is full this morning. The zone is definitely watering and it is definitely not showing up in any watering history or moisture level chart.

So…what am I missing here? I am worried about the 13th (3 days away) and the zone trying to completely refill the water level. Thanks all!

As the original poster in the link referred to here, I just want to clarify that my issue was not with the IRO logging it’s own irrigation, which in my case is happening without issue. My issue is that the PWS’s precipitation readings aren’t making it to the Rachio system and aren’t being considered in my flex schedule.

As for your issue, sorry I can’t help, but I am sure the fine people here from Rachio will step in, take a deeper look into your setup, and figure this out for you. Good Luck!

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Hi @sjwill23-

Sounds like something is definitely amuck. I will look into your account and see if I can identify what is going wrong with that moisture graph and get back to you!

McKynzee :rachio:

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Hi McKynzee - I typically wouldn’t harass for my question to be answered but here is what I am looking at for tomorrow AM.

Moisture level is indicating near 0 for a level, however, the zone is loaded with water right now.

Schedule indicates will water as needed tomorrow. This will definitely happen since it believes the water level is near 0.

Should I just shut off the schedule for now and wait for a response? I didn’t want to change anything till someone got a chance to take a peek at what’s going on. If you have any thoughts before tomorrow please let me know. if I don’t hear anything back I will probably turn the water schedule off before I drown my veggies :slight_smile:

Hi @sjwill23-

I apologize for the delayed response, this ended up being quite a doozy :confounded: On our end, we show a “scheduled” run for the tenth, but clearly that was incorrect for more than one reason. I also see nothing for the seventh. I think our best option at this point is to delete the veggies schedule, and recreate it exactly the same. Then, if you could fill your veggies zone moisture level, we can try to get that moisture level closer to correct. Instructions on how to do that are shown in the video at the very bottom of this support article. If you could do that, and then let me know what your schedule looks like, that would be perfect!

McKynzee :rachio:

Probably a long shot, but you have a fixed schedule that runs every 2 days, is it possible that the veggie valve wire in question is shorting over another valve wire? This could explain this behavior. I only bring this up because I can’t see your pr for this zone and with that root depth couple with what looks like a half gallon emitter, with what doesn’t look like < .5 gallon container, I would have expected that thing to be full to the rim under a normal run?

It is kind of smelly of 2 half opened valves…

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@sjwill23, I pulled your device logs and do not see any watering for zone 1 on 4/7 or 4/10; however, zone 2 ran on 4/7 & zone 3 ran on 4/10. Additionally, it appears that zone 1 was manually watered on 4/5, 4/1 & 3/30. The last scheduled watering took place on 3/28.

Yes, any scheduled and manual watering will affect the moisture level graph.

I would do the same thing :wink: …I’m curious if your drip lines are crossed anywhere and/or if your neighbor’s sprinklers might be watering your veggies?

@plainsane, good idea – looking at recent current values for each zone, it appears you might have a cut/crossed wire on zone 3; causing multiple zones to water at once. The current value indicates two zones are running at once…

Hope this helps!


Unbelievable - this morning I went out and ran the zones each manually to confirm they are working OK and that no wires are crossed and when I run the Orange trees or vegetables zones they both run together. So it appears plainsane is right - I must have a crossed wire. But how the heck can that happen - in the past I have run the manual runs many times and have not seen this. I am lucky my vegetables are even alive considering they have been getting walloped with the same amount of water as my orange trees. Anyway, when I get home from work I should be able to fix this easily then I will confirm here and we will close this. Thanks everyone for your help!


@plainsane is an irrigation superhero.


I changed to a new wire on the Veggie zone and my zones now all run OK on manual. Excellent.

If you don’t mind I am just going to let the Flexible Daily do its thing the rest of the week, confirm it works, then I will confirm the above as the solution and we can close this.





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@plainsane @sjwill23