Watering not being logged - kind of

This is the time period of product development where typically the highest volume of truly innovative ideas get implemented. It’s like you need a Generation 1 product (I’m referring to your cloud s/w) to be able to really see what you really need to do.

It’s at this point where maximum attention is needed to patents. Make sure that your team is going crazy asking for for patents on every algorithm, process and implementation, regardless of how trivial it may be.

You’re going to need Ethernet for the town and city park irrigation systems, and the homeowners who insist, BTW.

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Hey @franz - any chance you would be able to check on the status of them putting in the new functionality for the PWS’s like the one near my home? Still doesn’t seem to be logging any precipitation.

@franz - I realize this is from last season, but wanted to see if Aeris ever got back to you regarding NJ34 supporting daily precip based on 5 minute intervals?

Hi @mbaturin!

After looking at the weather station data, it seems to me that they are reporting on a five minute interval :tada:

McKynzee :rachio:

It looks like although their site is reporting 5 minute interval data, when I chose the PWS in the Rachio app, I get no rainfall. Please see the two screenshots below showing a NWS (KACY) about 20 miles from my home reporting yesterday’s rain on the precipitation row while (NJ_34) shows nothing for yesterday.

@mbaturin When did you switch stations? The moisture graph will record whatever data it was receiving, so it won’t change previous data when you change stations, it should just start recording the new PWS data as you move forward…

@mckynzee ok didn’t realize that. I was just switching between the two now. I’ll leave it on MID_NJ34 and check if I see precipitation after the next day it rains. Can I ask what time period the precipitation is accounted for? Will yesterday’s precipitation be from 12:00a-11:59pm yesterday?

Also, just to be sure I understand, even though I see KACY from 3 days ago and MID_NJ34 for yesterday and the day before below, I need to have the app set to use MID_NJ34 during the day it’s raining to see that stations reported precipitation the following day?

Thanks for your help.

@mbaturin, Emil here, filling in for McKynzee. Your understanding is correct. We use the forecast data to budget what your future moisture levels will be. Every night, we true up the actual/observed weather and will adjust the moisture levels for each zone. This is why in the summer, it’s common for a watering event to move in a day overnight if the forecasted rain from the prior day never happened and/or the ET was higher than forecasted.

Yes. The preferred weather station selected in the app is used to perform the nightly true up mentioned above.

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Thanks for that info. So, I had MID_NJ34 set as my weather station on 3/28 from around 8pm and through midnight. We had heavy rain all that day. I looked at one of my zones moisture levels and see that there is no precipitation showing and the moisture level is 0 - which is definitely not right due to all the rain we’ve gotten. I think whatever franz was seeing as an issue last season with Aris is still an issue.

Also, just now I changed my weather station to KACY and I can see the moisture level at 47% for my front yard zone.

This is counter to the instruction that a weather station has to be set during a day for that days precipitation to be recorded. I’m assuming it’s just required for the budgeting process and realignment that happens at midnight, not the recording of that days precipitation. Either way, you can see my issue.

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@mbaturin, we’ve reached out to Aeris again to check on this; the fix was suppose to go out on 7/5/16.

Sorry for any confusion in my last reply – we persist weather observations after 2 days; therefore any weather station changes during that time frame with result in the behavior you’re observing.

Please remind me, is MID_NJ34 your own weather station?

Thanks so much for reaching out to Aeris and the further explanation. No, MID_NJ34 is not my own weather station, but it is very close to my home and seems to be a very nice weather station. Here is the thread showing the weather station in relation to my house.



Aeris is reviewing, will let you know what they find.

Hi Franz,

Thanks for reaching out. We had a great winter - I hope yours was just as good!

Yes, this change was pushed to production last July. I’ll have our development team review this customers findings and follow up accordingly.


Awesome thanks so much! Hope you’re doing well.

Hey @franz, any word back from Aeris? Thanks!

I pinged them again yesterday and haven’t heard back. I’ll let you know when they respond. If not by end of week ping me again and I’ll follow-up with them.

Thanks for your patience!


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@franz - just following up again - thx.

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Pinging them again, thanks for the re-ping!


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Just another reminder ping. :slight_smile:


Good news!


I am able to confirm the team did find an additional bug with the 5minute precip implementation. Specifically, in specific circumstances, the 5min precip was not being given priority. This issue has been corrected and I have confirmed that station NJ34 is now showing precip. Additionally, the method is set to “sum5M”, meaning the value is based on a summation of the 5 minute precip values.

The team is running an historical data update this afternoon to ensure that current and previous data for this station and others that utilize 5 minute precip are updated properly.

Let me know if I may be of additional assistance with this station or any other.



Awesome! I just changed it to NJ34 and can now see .09 inches precipitation recorded on the 22nd!

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