Watering manually as needed but custom time per zone

Hello everybody:

A newbee with IRO Gen2 … very happy so far. I had setup smart watering per day but at times I want to start watering manually all zones. One of my zone is in a lot of shade and I want to override the time for that zone. Ideally what I am looking for is, is there a manual watering schedule I can run such as:

Zone 1, 2: Run 15 min
Zone 3: Run 10 min
Zone 4: Run 2 min
Zone 5: Run 15 min
Zone 6: Run 10 min

Please know I already have the daily schedule setup. This is for adhoc basis watering.
Thank you for any tips.

how often you wanting to water these zones manually?

Well I had to use it 2 weeks in a row, the system suggested not to water because of rain is expected but the days are scorching hot and not even a thunderstorm in view. Even if there was a pass by thunderstorm, I seriously doubt that amount would be sufficient. So, not that I can’t work around but I have to wait until each one of those zones come up and skip and do zone by zone.

I may suggest a custom program that can be run in manual mode? where the user sets up each zone for the specified time and saves it (like the old unit).


You really shouldn’t have to worry about the manual aspect that much. I live in Phoenix so I’m aware of scorching temps and I never manually water. Do you feel that you are having issues with the weather station you use? Is your system saying that it received rain when you didn’t get any at your home?

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