Watering longer than schedule run

I have a drip system schedule that is behaving strangely.

The schedule has 3 zones, Zone 4 set to 5 minutes, Zone 7 set to 1 munute, and Zone 8 set to 3 minutes. Water budgeting and weather intelligence are off.

This morning’s run shows that Zone 4 ran for 7 minutes, Zone 7 for 1 minute, and Zone 8 for 4 minutes.

This is behaving as if weather intelligence is set, but it is not.

I reviewed your schedule and the seasonal adjustment dial is set to +49%.

If you reset that back to 0% everything should run as you have the exact minutes defined.

I also noticed our Webapp does not show the adjustment dial, only mobile (iOS/Android). For our Spring release that dial is going away being replaced with a much easier way to adjust total minutes +/-.

Hope this helps.


Thanks. Never saw this adjustment since mostly I do my monitoring with the Web app.

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