Watering intervals should be in days, not weeks

Currently the Iro water intervals count up to 7 days, and then jump to 2 or 3 full weeks. Instead of weeks, please allow us to select a number of days as the watering interval. Low water, low maintenance grass can be very moisture efficient if the drought resistant roots have a chance to grow long and establish. But they need help getting there, and that requires slowly extending the watering interval. And once established, the watering cycle is supposed to be deep and less frequent, but maybe not exactly 2 or 3 full weeks. Using a number of days parameter would be a much better way to handle this.

@eganders‌ Do you mean something like 1-21 days?

Exactly. Thx.

@eganders‌ We will be putting this into the 1.8 release. Thanks!

Way to go Franz. Excellent!