Watering History Is Always Messed Up


I perfectly understand how notifications can be out of order for example based on how that works. Was hoping better on Rachio 2 but same as Rachio 1 (I guess because of how they are sent) but why is the HISTORY (as per the iPhone and also the web page for my controller ALSO out of order??

I am surprised that somehow they cannot be organized as they should based on the events. What I mean is I get the following for example:

Zone 4 Completed 07:20
Zone 5 Started 07:20
Zone 4 Started 07:15

I would prefer to see:
Zone 5 Started 07:20
Zone 4 Completed 07:20
Zone 4 Started 07:15

Just disappointed a bit on this now that there are 3 versions of the hardware but in this regard, if software not sure if there is hope!



Hey @Wandibiri-

I am pretty sure this issue is software related. Do you mind providing a screenshot if you can find one?

McKynzee :rachio:



Thanks for sharing, this has been an outstanding issue for quite some time. Events come in at the same time (completed/started) and we process them asynchronously. I’m going to add this to our engineering backlog on rendering these events so they display in the correct order. Ironically it’s a new software platform with the same event ordering issue.



Thanks very much for your reply.

Yes, it would be awesome if this could be fixed. I opened a ticket on this March 2015 and over a long time worked with Emil on the issue. Initially it was considered that the problem was at my end so it took a lot of troubleshooting time, testing, logs, etc. In the end the impression I got was that it was in the hands of the developing team to review-but that was over 2 yrs ago!!

So I am holding off on any new hardware until this is fixed, a bit frustrating. Otherwise, very happy with the product and functionality overall.



The engineering team spent some time on trying to order events “better”. Please let us know if this has resolved the issues you are seeing.



Is everyone sure that this isn’t just due to having the “anti-hammer” option set? This used to bother me as well until I realized that with anti hammer on, the next zone valve will always open prior to the current zone valve closing.


That is still going to be wrong ordering :wink: The real issue the engineers found is that we get some watering events with the exact same timestamp. We’ve put in logic to hopefully better display these in the correct watering order.



Thanks Franz, I’ll check it out. I will be soooo glad if this works. Have been waiting for a fix a long time, in fact was loosing hope!

For sure not an issue with “anti-hammer”. I have never turned that feature on (double checked to make sure!).