Watering from 4200 miles away

Wife shrugged when I made her look out the window as I turned one of my zones on right in front of her eyes whilst I’m overseas. Nope - she wasn’t impressed even when I told her what I’ve told her many times before;

"It’s not the ‘why would you want to do that’ more than the it’s because ‘you CAN do it’. I could hear her eyes roll :slight_smile:

Haha I guess she’s not a techie person? :slight_smile:

How did you set up your router and how do you log in?

Not sure what you mean. It’s all done from the Android App. Just turn on a sprinkler using the app just as if you are at home. Since they are all communicating with the Rachio server, there’s no router / port / firewall configurations to worry about.