Watering Frequency

I’ve noticed the Iro defaults to every three days (and I assume they put some research into this). When days get HOT and windy and sunny, can/will the Iro adjust how often to run a “watering time,” or is bumping up the duration of each zone the only thing it adjusts?

Hi @Latz‌,

Yep, our system specifically chose that 3 day interval based on your location and season.

When the days get hotter, our system will adjust the watering times for you if you have Water Budgeting turned on for the given schedule.

We will start by only adjusting the durations as you have noted. We will be building functionality that will eventually shift the days as well, as long as you haven’t defined the watering time as a water restriction - here we would assume that we shouldn’t move days around.

On this same thought, if we have a manual schedule set up due to the automatic watering times being retooled. Should we delete that schedule and set up a new one or just turn on water budgeting & weather intelligence on the existing schedule?

Also, it’s raining right now at my house and my next watering schedule is tomorrow…should I expect Iro to automatically skip tomorrow?

@Jmaditto‌ If you have Weather Intelligence turned on for that particular schedule and you receive a significant amount of rain (more than a sprinkle or a very short downpour), then yes.

It will check 15 minutes before the schedule runs.

We got a significant amount of rain last night (.36 inches) and my sprinklers still ran this morning. Is it because I recreated the watering schedule yesterday (to turn on the smart cycle feature) or is it because the weather intelligence feature didn’t account for the prior rainfall correctly? Can you please check and let me know?

@1995hokie‌ - same here. I thought we got plenty of rain anyway.

@1995hokie‌ .36 is pretty close to our threshold. Would you mind emailing us at support@rach.io with your device serial number? We can take a closer look at what it predicted. It does look at past rainfall and predicted rainfall when making a skip decision.

@Jmaditto‌ shot you a similar note on a different thread.

@chris‌ Thanks. Getting good response from tech support.