Watering analytics?

As the new watering season approaching in California I wish Rachio would have analytics capabilities.

This has been on my wishlist since 2015 :slight_smile: Franz was helping me to achieve this via IFTT and google sheets…

Here is how I manage my yard. I asses how plants are doing in each zone and if I see signs of distress – I adjust the zone to give them more water. This is a balancing act between 28 zones, my well’s limited production and the public water cost. Knowing exactly how many minutes each zone is running for and how often over a longer period of times – 6 / 12 months is critical. Also, I need some way to judge if my adjustments are significant and effective. It’s impossible to remember all micro adjustments either me -or- Rachio algorithms are doing.

Right now the app only says when a zone last run and what day is going to run next. You also have the history tab but it only shows which zones were active and it’s impossible to perform calculations on zone per zone basis.

BTW, reporting with period intervals like 24 hours, a week, a month is now a standard feature for all other cloud vendors — my solar panels, my PG&E, my water etc.

If you guys don’t want to build it for your website – this could be as easy as a button to download to Excel on each station/zone history. The excel button should be free but I would even happily pay you a reasonable subscription fee - $5 / $10 per month – to have analytics function on your website. I know building websites cost money and you have to somehow offset all these costs of your growing infrastructure.

Is this on the product roadmap?