Water Utility problems and sprinkling bans

In my area, there is a problem with one of the water treatment plants, and a short-term shortage of water until Wednesday. They asked us not to use water outside, but I forget to disable the schedule, and it watered this morning. It would be nice to disable watering schedules automatically in those areas, similar to a weather skip. I’m not sure of the best way to do that, perhaps by allowing water providers to register, and for users to select their utility provider.

For more extensive support, the utility could also add schedule restrictions to help with setting watering schedules. For example, I can water 2x per week with sprinklers, but drip irrigation is allowed 7x per week. The days for sprinkling is based on even/odd street addresses. During the summer, irrigation is prohibited during the peak heat of the day. During the winter, watering is only allowed one day a week, and recommended to be used in the middle of the day to reduce freezing potential. But, these are just suggestions.

Ideally, this would be through a central service, so all the smart sprinkler companies could use the same data source, so cities don’t have to do this work for multiple companies, so if you do this, it might be better off as a separate division which could sell this data to other smart irrigation companies.