Water Use not showing in Android App / does show usage on https://app.rach.io/

I am running Rachio 2.0 on my Nexus 6 Android 5.1.1 and the Water Usage does not show in the app, but when I log into https://app.rach.io/ I do see my actual water usage. Is this a known problem on Android?

Thanks for this, will have the Android development review.


Thanks, I can share screen shots if needed.

Hi have a same problem.

@stevelinnebach, I assume your screenshots are similar to @michelrochette? If not, could you please send them to us to review?

Thanks, Emil

No mine looks the same.

We have corrected the issue, will be pushing out a new Android build in the next couple of days.



Just to muddy things a bit, I don’t experience the problem on my Android HTC One M8 GPe (5.1), or my Nexus 7 (2013) (5.1.1). The Water used display is identical on both of them and my Windows Laptop (8.1)

@vicw Thanks, believe it is a caching issue, so some devices could show correct data :wink:


@franz Thanks, here’s another twist. On my PC, all of the July 10th history entries have lost their timestamps, and the date format shows as 7/10/2015, whereas on both of my Android devices, the July 10th entries include the date and time, with the normal format.

@vicw hmmm…all have @Dan take a look.

Thanks for the feedback!


@franz Interesting- now the PC shows the July 10th entries properly again, but the July 11th history entries are all stamped as 7/11/2015. Apparently, only 7 day old entries get twisted this way.

Thanks, @Dan will be able to look at this next week.



The problem has started again, I am unable to see water usage on my Nexus 6, but I can see water usage on the website. The problem was fixed after the last update, but appears to be back again.

I have the opposite - values showing in the app, but nothing on the website.

Any update on what could be causing me not to use water usage on the Android App? I am using version 2.2.3-118.

Can you reach out to support@rachio.com? They can review your account on Android/Webapp. If there are discrepancies we can track down and fix the appropriate client. Thanks!