Water Usage!

I’ve been getting some outrageous water bills ($340 was my last one) and I had the water company pull all the data from the electronic meter. I’ve got a huge disparity between what my sprinkler system says I’m using vs what the water meter says. For instance on July 10th Rachio says we watered for 52 minutes using 403 gallons. The meter says I used 863 gallons. On July 9th Rachio says 29 minutes using 222 gallons vs the meter 547 gallons.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @cholland,

Without an installed Flow Meter, your water usage is entirely an estimated calculation based on your Zone settings, particularly Area & the Precipitation Rate of your Nozzle. You can tweak these settings within your Advanced Zone settings for a more accurate measurement. To learn more, please see our Support Article here.

If you’re interested in an upgrade to measure actual usage, I hear the Rachio 3 Smart Water System is quite nice :wink: .