Water Usage in Web different than Android App

I just got my Rachio Gen2 and noticed that the Android app is reporting 7,374 gallons used in 4 days, while the website shows 9,878 gallons used in the same time period. Why the difference?

Also, I realize these are estimations but for the sake of my sanity, am I wrong to think either of these numbers are incredibly high for 4 days of use? I have 27 rotors + 5 impacts in 11 zones watering just under 1 acre of grass. I recently overseeded so I’ve had a 15 minutes per zone 3x per day schedule running for the last 4 days (basically how long I’ve had the Rachio).

Finally, kudos to Rachio;out of all of the other IoT devices I’ve added to my home, the Rachio is one of only two devices that have just worked without major issues getting it on the WiFi, and the Android app is very well-designed IMO; I greatly appreciated tiny details such as remembering the WPA passphrase and device serial during setup so you’re not typing it in a million times.

Hey @brodie7838!
The discrepancy in the web and app usage is a caching error, so eventually (usually within 24 hours) those should sync up!
This is an article that describes how we estimate usage: http://support.rachio.com/article/383-how-we-calculate-water-usage/. That does seem a little high to me, maybe look into your square footage? Let me know if things still aren’t adding up and I can look into it.
Thank you for the kudos :smile: Always nice to hear success stories from our customers!
McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks @mckynzee,

I just checked, and the numbers have indeed synched up.

After making this post, I used Google Earth to roughly measure out the square footage of each zone. Not precise by any means, but more so than leaving it at the default 500 I suppose. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if that helps or not.

Thanks again.

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No problem!
Let me know how changing the square footage helps the usage estimation.

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