Water Usage has 0 gallons

Any ideas why my water usage isn’t updating? The history shows the events (there have been a lot of skips lately) but usage still shows 0.

Hi @KoryL,

What browser/OS are you using? Do you have any plugins or ad-blockers installed?

Dan :rachio:

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@KoryL, have you waited a minute or two for it to propagate? This has happened to me several times, and normally if I am just patient and give it time, it will populate. Doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m using the web app or the IOS app.


@Dan, that was it! I had an ad-blocker installed and after I deactivated it there were no more issues.

Thanks guys!


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Great! (and @Linn is right, it can take a minute for the data to load sometimes)

Thanks, and let us know if you run into anything else…

Dan :rachio:

I’m having a similar problem, but in the reverse. On my web app I see this:

And on the mobile app I see zero water usage. This has been going on since I installed Rachio 4 days ago. I don’t believe there is any sort of caching error here? I am not running any sort of mobile ad blockers. Running Android 6.0, mobile app version is 2.8-222


This is a known Android issue with new installs. We will release a patch tomorrow (2.8-224) with a fix.

Thanks for your patience.



Hi @DroughtSaver!
Just wanted to let you know the Android app has been updated to resolve this issue, so if you update your app to 2.8-224 you should be good to go. Release notes can be found here: http://support.rachio.com/article/585-mobile-app-android-current.
McKynzee :rachio:

Thanks, it works :sunglasses: