Water trees every other day?

Just got a new Iro and going through setup. So far I’m impressed w/the hw and sw. Pretty straight-forward after digging for some details. My question…

I have four 2gph emitters on each tree. So I created a custom emitter that is 0.35 in/hour. (I used the equation from the Sprinkler Warehouse site.) When I set up a watering schedule, it says every 2 days for 75 min. I live in Phoenix and I’ve been told by multiple people that trees should be watered for 5-8 hours and at most once every week to two weeks. This is to promote deep root growth.

Why every other day for trees?

I also live in the Phoenix area and have heard the same advice from many different sources. I created a schedule for every 2 weeks for long watering to do that but I just did my first tree water and am unsure if it will follow my recommended days or override it when it comes tot he second one.

I’m a desert rat, too. I’ll share some information I learned from Master Gardener programs and workshops by the Arizona Municipal Water User’s Association. Both of these entities promote best practice principles and water conservation.
To promote deep root growth, water deeply. For desert adapted trees during March - May, that’s every 14 - 30 days. For high water use trees, every 7 - 12 days. Trees should be watered to a depth of 24 - 36 inches at the dripline–most water absorbing roots are located near the dripline—which is beneath the outer edge of the plant’s canopy—not close to the trunk.
During the summer, May - October, desert adapted trees should be watered every 7 - 21 days, and high water use trees, 7 - 10 days.
I have desert adapted trees in my landscape and high water use trees (citrus). All are thriving.
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Hi @runn753, good morning.

Hmm, I’m getting a different custom nozzle. If you have four (4) 2 GPH nozzles per tree, that equals 8 GPH per tree, correct? Assuming so, the custom nozzle should be 12.83 in/hour.

Is this watering time shared with any turf zones? If so, then that would explain and interval you’re experiencing. If not, please email our support team [support@rachio.com, attention Emil] to review in more detail.

Great tips @sunny! Thank you for sharing. We hope to add this level of horticultural information to the app someday.

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