Water Times Not Reported Consistently

Yesterday after finally getting my internet restored after 3 days of down time, I did a manual watering of one zone for 51 minutes (August 27). Then all my other zones ran their flex schedule after midnight, on August 28. Today, I went in to look at how everything worked last night, and in the Water Usage Graph, for August 27, it shows a watering time of 103 minutes. Definitely not right. It should have been 51 minutes (And that is what the Watering History says). August 28 shows 256 minutes of watering (which would have been all the flex scheduling). Only one schedule says that it watered for 123 minutes, and the other schedule 217 minutes, so that would have been 340 minutes, again not correct.

So then I decided to go to the Watering History log for August 28 and add everything up. The History for one schedule says “Completed Drip Zones for 123 minutes” and that is correct. Two zones watered at 51 and 72 minutes. But then the history says “Completed Standard watering lawns for 217 minutes with 6 cycles”, only when I add everything up individually in that schedule, they only total to 162 minutes, not 217!

If I believe the individual line items for each zone, that means the actual total for the day should have been 285 minutes! So things are not adding up correctly all over the place.

Which ones do you think are the right ones to believe?


I noticed that too. Almost seems like midnight is not the date line?

Hi @katerri22 and @Linn, this is Dan with Rachio. Midnight is the date line in the moisture graph, but make sure you take into account that it’s UTC midnight, not your local midnight. @Linn, if you’ll pm me your username I’ll look into your account…

Dan :rachio:

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If it’s any help, I just looked at the spreadsheet that I have IFTTT creating using the published "Track watering in a Google spreadsheet ", and it shows 183 minutes for that same schedule on that day, so yet another number that’s not adding up.

I wasn’t sure how to PM you, so I just used the contact form on the Rachio.com website and put “For Dan” in the subject line.