Water Stats (Price, Type, etc)

I have looked around, but haven’t seen this so here is my idea (if it is already there maybe I cant find it).

Is there a way to plug in data for the water you are using? For instance, I am using Irrigation Water (no drainage charge) and would like to keep track of not only how much water Iro has saved me but the approx amount of money it has saved (by month, year, etc).

I imagine there are a million ways to do this, but ideally I would like the option of going into the app and plugging in how many gallons I was billed and the price. Then have IRO fiqure out how much I paid per gallon and what it estimates that it saved me. I am sure most people dont want to enter this in every month, but you could also just give an option of what they pay per gallon and decide from there.


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@foster4g Thanks for the suggestion. I know we are looking at integrating a flow sensor into our product which could help with flow accuracy. This is an interesting idea to actually put in the cost of your water. I think we’ve had this suggestion before and it seems very useful. I will get this in our product backlog and we will prioritize in our upcoming major software release.


+1 on this.
Even if it was just one field that held cost of water by CCF (100 cubic feet), which I believe is the most common billing unit. Right now I look at the CF reading, divide by 100 and multiply by $2.09 which is my billing rate per CCF. Would be great if the app could display this for me! Its very nice to estimate my bill and get a feel for how much each schedule is actually costing me to irrigate. Its especially nice to do that calculation on the water saved column! If I could drill down into water used by zone, that would be even better because I could decide if a particular zone that gets little use or is extra hardy is even worth the cost of watering!
Plus then you could show that Iro has saved the Rachio community about $125k! (based on the latest community analytics)

@wbhartmanii Thanks for the feedback, as water prices increase this will definitely become more important and at the top of people’s minds. It’s in our backlog and hopefully we get to this in the near future.