Water sensor install from Hunter PC to Rachio 3

Hi! I have a Hunter C with wireless Sensor. I understand where all other wires go except the 4 coming from the sensor.
Here’s a picture. Notice the 4 wires, 2 yellow going into AC1 and AC2; one white, one blue going to each of the SEN screws. My question is what to do with these 4 wires–can I put the white and blue into 1 SEN on the Rachio 3? What about the two yellows?


@Nskadra - Here’s your answer:

Yellow (1) - AC -
Yellow (2) - AC +
White - AC -
Blue - S1



wow thanks for the quick response. Thanks!!

Hi, well I need to clarify a couple things. My Rachio doesn’t quite line up with your alignment. The Rachio only has
24 VAC -
24 VAC +

I’m assuming
Yellow 1, AC1 and White in 24 VAC -
Yellow 2 AC2 in 24 VAC+

Is that right?

actually, I’m good. I saw the link you posted. Thanks!!

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