Water Schedule went crazy today

Zone under FLEX typically go four or five cycles (water . . soak) but today it listed over 29! came home from work and it was still watering!

Anyone else see their system go crazy?


I reviewed your schedule and I don’t normally recommend using cycle soak when watering trees, it is usually meant for turf where the soil can only hold a certain level of moisture and those watering cycles are typically less than an hour. I also noticed you have trees in flex running for 4 hours. I really recommend working with [support@rachio.com] on fine tuning your schedule. At a minimum I would turn cycle soak off if you are having trees in a flex schedule.

Also, I normally start with maybe one turf type zone in a flex schedule just to see how the system works before adding other zones and crop types.

Here is more information on flex schedules:


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My mistake. . . I fixed the schedule and all looks much better!


@lmc Good to hear, just let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.