Water schedule of ~ 5 hrs? smart watering turned off

just got my iro. great idea - i am sick of the traditional controller. showing my wife how she could have full control over watering, i setup a quick schedule (before any research) and was a bit surprised at watering time of 5+ hrs. now i see it was related to smart watering from other posts so just for comparison i set a schedule with smart watering disabled and my runtime is the same. actually 1 minute longer. am i doing something wrong? even if it turns on and off every so often a 5hr run time is a bit much. i am a bit confused on this. don’t think i have an odd setup other than trying to fit my vegetable garden in there but i just chose annuals with misters and that was the longest run time of around 160 minutes.

can you explain how your zone is configured?

something tells me that the mister you have configured has an extremely low flow rate.

Hi @ssams, good afternoon. Thanks for reaching out.

Zone durations are based upon your vegetation, exposure and nozzle selections on a per zone basis. There’s a ton of math on the back end, but I’d be happy to review your account with you. Can you send me an email with your Rachio username to support@rachio.com?

We’ll review this and see if any zone attributes need to be adjusted. If you happen to know the square footage and number of heads you have per zone, that would be helpful to review as well.

Best, Emil

thanks. i sent my login to support email. i will have to compile all the information but i can tell you that in particular the vegetable garden zones 6/7 are a raised bed vegetable garden 4’x12’x3’. the first zone is just a soaker hose connected to a valve on it’s own. the second zone is the small drip irrigation type kit with the heads used for flowers, etc… this zone also connects to about 5 hanging plants across my back patio. in my previous manual watering life i’d water these around 10 minutes but that is what i did on all zones except maybe my front shrubs.

let me know what you think. i appreciate your help. also, not sure if the plant type is right for my vegetable garden. i picked annuals. if it matters i am in north Texas but you could find that out…