Water schedule/history per zone

In 2.0 I see My Yard with each zone in its own section. Below the photo of the zone is:
Watered - July 7
Will Water - July 14

I should be able to click on these sub-sections so I can see the watering history for only this zone or the future watering schedule if the “Will water” sub section is clicked.

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Great Idea. I was expecting this type of history and was disappointed to see it not existing.

I’d like to be able to look back and see how often certain zones were watering so I can detect dangerous changes and make adjustments early.

For example, I don’t plan on babysitting this device every week and I’d like to look back for the last 6 months or so and verify how often my zones are being watered.

Thank you. The UX of this app is a PITA in some respects. I want to get a broad overview of things and they’re including things like:

  1. Schedule Updates: including when the schedule was NOT skipped, ie almost every day, overwhelming my ability to easily determine when it WAS skipped. (This was reported last week without any reply from them.)

  2. Watering History: including started, watering, watered and completed steps for each cycle as well. Once it has completed it should include ONE line letting me know how long it was watered for. If I want further details I should be able to click the line and have it expand to show all steps.

Right now Completed is telling me all the cycles PLUS the delays in-between that it ran when I really want to know how long it was watered for. It’s such a simple and obvious request. I have 10 zones running so you can see how the history gets filled up with TOO MUCH information.

I thought 2.0 would simply reporting but unfortunately it has not.

Hey @radamio and @wmahoney. Thanks very much for the feedback and suggestions. We hear you on the data and reporting. I’ve got these down, and we’ll see how we might be able to incorporate. Can’t promise a timeline, but we’ll definitely discuss.

Have a wonderful evening.