Water Schedule - Fixed Days - Water Restrictions - Rain Skip

New owner - and very much liking the product so far. Have a few questions/suggestions.

I live in Orange County, Florida and have watering restrictions (http://occonservewater.net/regulations/est-watering-guidelines/)

During this time of the year, I am able to water two days a week only - and not during 10AM - 4PM. Could this somehow be accommodated? Meaning - I don’t care when it starts, but I would like to set either “not between…10AM - 4PM” or stop by time. You may start whenever you like on that day.

If you had the feature of “not between” you could also take advantage of doing smart cycles in the AM and the afternoon/evening to split it up.


I’m a fan. But - it’s either all or nothing. Let’s say that I am set for rain skip if at 1/4" (0.25). If the read for the previous 24 hours and the forecast for the next 24 hours reads 0.20 - then it’s my understanding we are going to do a full irrigation. What about doing a partial/percentage irrigation? Is that in the works?

Sorry if any of these have been previously discussed - and if so - please point me to the posts.

Rachio Gen 2.


If you use a fixed schedule, or flex daily schedule you can choose any day of week restrictions.

Currently we only support a start after time, but will eventually release the ability to end before.

Correct, for fixed schedules or flexible monthly. If you use flexible daily schedules, there is no concept of rain thresholds. We track evapotranspiration, precipitation, and irrigation on a zone-by-zone basis. We only water when the soil moisture level of the zone is depleted (reaches zero).

Here is more information if you are curious about flexible daily schedules. Your 2 day restriction is not best case, but you could try them out :wink:

Hope this helps.


Franz, I greatly support both of these suggestions…ESPECIALLY the flexible day start and end times. I know my community has issued over 100 of your gen 2 units to residents and 5 of them (my neighbors) are asking for this exact functionality, I suspect many more are asking for the same.

If we get caught with our sprinklers running from Noon to 5pm = BIG $$ fine. Please implement this!

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