Water Restriction Question

Forgive me if this was talked about already. I have a restriction of only watering on even calendar days. You have the even day option, but I don’t necessarily want my system running every two days. It would be great to have it every four or six days, etc. Since I don’t want to water every two days, the only other option I see is to select every four/six days, but when the calendar has 31 days in the month, this will flip causing watering on odd days. Is there an option to address this in the current version that I am not seeing or maybe 1.5? If not, can there be a plan to address this restriction in the future.

  • Jim

@JimB‌ We don’t have that kind of option quite yet. In our 1.5 release, you will be able to peg a day and set an interval, but that won’t give you the specific functionality that you’re looking for.

We will add this to our upcoming features list. I can see how this would be very helpful.

Very cool, thanks for following up Chris.

A plain language interpreter for this, similar to email inbox rules would be good; “water using plan xx every yy days on alternate odd/even days for a max of nn days per week/month/year except for months a/b/c when temperature exceeds zz degrees” would be an interesting addendum here.

Thank you for adding the odd and even day option to the flex schedule in 2.0. Works beautifully! 2.0 looks great, congrats to the Rachio team!

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