Water Pressure Sensor

Our Central Florida community uses Reclaimed water on a separate meter for landscape irrigation. Different watering days are assigned to different parts of the community to allow adequate pressure for everyone. My watering days are Monday and Thursday for 4 pm to 10 am the following morning. There are times when the water utility company will turn the reclaimed water off to parts of the town on OFF days to make sure folks will have pressure for their ON days. On a few occasions they forget to turn it back on until they get a phone call or two to prompt them. In the past I have had a couple of solenoids overheat and fail as there was no water flowing through the system to keep them at normal operating temps.

It would be useful to have a pressure sensor that would recognize the the low or absence of pressure. It could be wired into the 2nd sensor input and a drop down menu item added to the app. Any recommendations or suggestions?



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