Water journal trouble

Hello, new guy here.

My satisfaction with Rachio Gen2 (16 zones) is slowly dissipating. I run a daily flex schedule but the watering doesn’t make sense to me. I think I set all the parameters correct using the guidance from this forum (soil, root depth etc) but I feel like the water journal does not keep adequately track of the irrigation events. I have seen a day of rain with a precip of 0.47 at the end of the day. The next day Rachio scheduled a watering and had reset the precip to 0.01.
I also had used the FILL option but the water journal did not reflect my input and watered anyway.
Today Rachio had watered to a 99% soil moisture but still has a scheduled watering for tomorrow.

I have only used Rachio since a couple of weeks but it seemed like all made sense in the beginning. After I updated the app it seemed like it has gone a bit of the rails.

Does anybody have the same problems?
Or what am I doing wrong?

@Dorian for current date we use maximum of observed and forecasted precipitation to determine the moisture balance, for past dates we use strictly observed. So it could be that the forecast was high, but actual observed recorded was much lower at the end of day. So your graph will change accordingly the next day. For future dates we use forecasted values to determine a next watering.

Currently we rebuild calendar daily at certain times of day (12 and 1 hour before potential schedule start time). So if you just watered, that watering won’t be immediately reflected on the calendar, but moisture graph should reflect the new watering date immediately. We are going to add additional rebuilds upon schedule completions in the near future. Sorry for the confusion.