Water gauge suggestion

Besides the overall weather, and Rachio’s ability to capture it accurately based on the distance from the main unit to the weather station location, the amount of rain one receives is critical. Has Rachio considered making a rain gauge that could be mounted within wireless distance of the main unit to better accurately record the actual rainfall on the persons lawn? The rain gauge would communicate with the Rachio main unit via wireless and would record the inches of rain received. Just like wireless rain gauges integrate with Rachio today, but instead of On/Off, the guage would measure the amount of rainfall. Weather stations would still be used for temp and forecast.

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I’d love to build this for our generation 3 hardware. We only use precipitation data from PWS so this would effectively cut out all that extra hardware. Product team is aware, balancing among other priorities and hardware we are building for next year :wink:


I would like to add my congratulations for the development of such a great device. I absolutely love it and am recommending it to everyone I know. However, like the gentleman in the origional post I would love to see the ability to add a rain guage input to the unit.
I live in a southern area where the.land mass is crisscrossed with numerious navigable waterways and the rain on one side of that waterway doesn’t get to me but does to my local weather station.
If I could integrate a wireless rain guage to the system it would know much more accurately the rain that my yard received.
Please consider this change and understand that with or without this enhancement it’s still the best for ease of install, and accurracy in use, this would just take it to that next level.

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