Water estimates seem way off

This past thur, jan 1 my system watered my yard. Total watering time of 26 min. Somehow it says that was only 32 gal of water. Even if you take just one of my zones - 540 sqft of gass with 10 fixed spray heads watered for 6 min. At a conservate estimate of 1 gal/min/head, that should be 60 gal. Now I know the system has no idea how many heads I have… But even it’s using 1 in/hr over 540 sqft, it should come out to 67 gal for the 6 min my system ran on that one zone. That’s not even accounting for the other 8!


The equation is derived from the nozzle type you chose (precipitation rate inches per hour) and the size of your zone, both of which you can customize.

Feel free to create any custom nozzle types (custom nozzle library) or adjust the size of your zone (zone settings).

Here is the equation that is being used:


Let me know if you have any questions regarding this. Thanks and have a great day.

I know… I guess I wasn’t clear… I put in all of that info (and double checked it). And it only calculated 32 gal. When it ran the same schedule on sun 1/4, it said 195 gal, so something is incorrect for the 1/1 calculation. You can look for yourself in my history. Same schedule ran both days. I suspect something was wonky because of the year change - the YTD summary a still say 2014.

@steve28‌ Ok, now I get it. We did find a defect in the reports for the year change. That fix has been submitted to Apple this morning. It will be build 1.8-163, should be available in the Apple Store in about 1 week. Thanks for bringing that to our attention, we found that defect late last week and fixed over the weekend.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or questions, have a great day!