Water all Zones was NOT skipped

I’ve been receiving the following message for over a week now “!Water All Zones was not skipped since station ##### observed 0.16 in and predicted .03 in of precipitation and the total threshold is .5 in.” I’ve seen this message when there has been 0" observed. On all occasions of this notification, my zone has not run. Any ideas on what this message is really stating?

This is somewhat similar to what I have been asking about in this topic
I’m sure we’ll hear back from one of the regulars shortly!

That means there was a little rain and they expect a little more, but its under your threshold of .5 inches, so the system needs to water anyway

That’s what I would have thought, but the system skips the planned watering for that day. I also do not receive any push notifications or email that the schedule watering was skipped.