Wants to water every day

I’m a bit new to the Rachio, but it seems really really off.
One zone thinks the lawn can only hold 0.04 inches of water, and so goes from 100% to 0% water every day. Another does the same but thinks it can only hold 0.06 inches. The next zone say it will hold 0.6 inches and waters once every 7 days. The grass type, soil type etc are set the same, its in the same dang yard.

Can anyone tell me why Rachio thinks my yard won’t hold more water than this?


I had the team review your data and can’t find any zones with a .04 inch depth of water. Guessing you have already modified your zone characteristics? If you continue to see data that doesn’t look correct feel free to reach out.

Thanks and have a great week.


Thank you,

The initial issue was resolved, I forgot that I had set the root depth very short (half an inch) when the sod was new. Now that it’s a new season I have changed it to 4 inches as it’s still a bit new.

I am still trying to learn all the parts of this, and I still struggle to understand why a root depth of 4.00 inches would show 110% of water saturation to to 0.44 inches…

If anyone cold explain that I would appreciate it.


This might be a good place to start if you are interested in learning more about flex daily schedules.

Root zone depth will impact how big your zone reservoir is. In your case it sounds like .44 inches. This means that if we detect a moisture level above .44 inches you will be saturated. We allow for 10% over (110%) your zone reservoir (depth of water/field capacity). The articles below will help understand the science behind the scheduling and also give you some levers to adjust it.