Wahoo ! Time For The Rach.io To Shine Again

@chris, @emil,
Its that time of year again, happy to have the Rach.io on and ready to go again. Can we still private message within this new community ? Little lost in how to do that with current layout. Other than that, looking forward to 2.0 and can’t wait to put Rach.io through its paces again this year !

@Wildcatz_1 Welcome back! Yes, discourse supports PM, etc. IMHO it’s the best discussion board around.


Hi @Wildcatz_1! Hope you had a good winter.

Just click on the name of the user, then click on the blue button in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up.

Hope this helps.

PS – If @franz gets a PM, I better get one too! :wink:

@emil of course, you know me by now I’ll ping you @franz & @chris, you guys are great (and the rest of the team of course) :slight_smile:

Thanks @Wildcatz_1, we appreciate the kind words :blush:

What feature are you most excited about in v2.0?