Very long pause before next Flex Daily watering

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I set up a default Flex Daily Schedule (tried to tweak the soil et al settings but probably need to do more of that). I fired up up after reactivating the system for the winter. But it doesn’t really seem to want to run. As you can see if the picture. those that weren’t actively run to test haven’t run since October 7th and aren’t planned to run for more than 2 weeks!

Is this normal? Should I make changes? And on that note, is there a good sticky for how to tweak the settings?

Take a look at your soil moisture on some of your zones. Go into more details so you can see the numbers and not just the graph. That should give you a better idea of what’s going on before you start tweaking things.

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Duration does not mean anything, what matters is if you have been having rain keeping the soil moist.
The fact that it is showing a high moisture level for each zone seems to indicate there has been enough ongoing rain to keep it full moist.

If you go to the soil moisture in each zone, and open the “more details” page, you should be able to see when it has been refilling the moisture, and verify if that actually correspond to rain you have been having.

If the rain indicated there does not match reality, then you may have a problem in the way your weather intelligence plus is setup. Are you using you own weather station, or the area average etc…

Thanks for the tips all!