Very confused about 20h watering time

I’ve setup the zones using several guides on the internet using a monthly flex and smart cycle. The total watering time shows 20 hours. Some questions:

  1. I can’t find anywhere the actual soak time during those 20 hours.

  2. 20 hours total time seems extremely excessive. It is watering roughly one time per week. I am in the Bay Area, soils largely consisting of clay loam with a lot of sunlight. Most plants are drought tolerant with a few teees mixed into the zones.

Please provide a screenshot of the zone settings and advanced zone settings

I’m attaching one zone. They’re all fairly similar. Note that I changed the soil type to Loam, which reduced watering time from 20h to 14h. Thanks for any help!

What type of plants are you watering? If you scale back the root depth that would result in duration times not as high. But again, if that root depth is accurate to what you’re water those times make sense.

Good catch. Beyond the trees it’s primarily xeriscape. I had it set to shrubs for most. I updated the root depth to 6” and time has been reduced to ~6 hrs which seems more reasonable. Thank you!