Veggie Gardens

I’m interested if anyone else is using an Iro primarily for veggie gardens. I live in the pacific northwest, which doesn’t require a lot of landscaping irrigation, however, I have 4 loops for my veggie gardens and am constantly trying to balance out water needs. I’m a big fan of 1/4" drip lines, but they’re pretty variable which is a bit frustrating.

There is a big difference between 75 and sunny vice 70 and overcast in terms of how quickly my soil dries out.

I plan to use one zone for my veggie garden. When I talked about my Iro at work, a colleague said he would get one for his veggie garden too. So yes, there’s definitely interest there.

I am using this for a pretty extensive veggie garden. I have 7 different boxes and am able to tune in each box. It is great to make changes of they fly, when you notice a box is under or over watered. I have been also looking into using one valve off my main system as the “master pump” that supplies a new manifold that would allow for an additional iro to provide even more control.

Happy gardening.

Did the run times for the automatic schedule seem high for your drip zones? I have one drip zone for my flowers, partial shade, and it wanted it to run every 3 days for something like 89 minutes.

@alien88‌ Drip systems tend to need to run longer because of their low flow rates. Flow rates do vary however, so you may need to adjust your time up or down depending on your system and climate.

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