Vegetable gardens, adjustable drippers

I noticed that vegetable gardens (e.g. tomatoes, beans, peppers, etc.) are not listed as a type. I selected “annual” hoping it would be a good match. Also, I wasn’t sure what to say for the nozzle type for this device: It has fairly high water output compared to a conventional dripper, so I said “rotary nozzle.”

It’d be interesting (but a messy U.I.) if we could actually specify a manufacturer and part number for our irrigation devices and have Rachio figure out what to do with them.

I have something similar. No spike but the same type adjustable head. I have each set to soak my hedge to the point where 30mins was good. I just picked to drip option on the Iro and it set my water duration to only 15min. I manually extended to 30.

I am having the same issue with my own vegetable garden, which uses drippers. I wish there was more granular settings for these arrangements.