Valves don't stop


I bought Rachio in US some time ago but I wasn’t able to make it running in Spain. I got a AC adaptor compatible in Europe with these specifications:
INPUT: 110-240Vac 50/60Hz
OUTPUT: 24V 1A (24W).the watering cycle is completed, sprinkles don’t water as expected.

After reading some similar topics in the forum; it is suggested that can be a problem of the valve as 24VAC is requeted to make Rachio work. In this sense I talked to the guy who set up my garden and he said that my valves are Rainbird 24VAC…

Could you please help me? COuld it be possible that my Rainbird 24VAC valves are not compatible with Rachio? in this sense, is theer any valve model which is certified working for Rachio?

I was able to configure Rachio and connect it to internet.

The problem is that when I program rachio to start the watering cycle, the zones start watering but unfortunately the sprinkles don’t stop after finishing the zones’ watering cycle. If I remove the valve wires from Rachio, the sprinkles stop watering. If I wire them again, if the timing is still running it start watering. However if

Hi @pakjb-

Your valves should be compatible if they are 24VAC. Has your rachio ever watered correctly, or has it always behaved this way?

McKynzee :rachio:

No, it didn’t. Before Rachio I had a Rainbird programmer and it worked as expected… how could I check if my valves are 24VAC?


I would recommend you reach out to! They should be able to identify any issues more quickly for you.

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