V3 Beta is Upon Us!


Ouch! Yeah what’s with the signage for 6-10 then? Hopefully you were able to turn lemons into lemonade


dang, im sad panda, i really wanted to see some super awesome magical features before i winterized my system.


We’re rapidly approaching the point where everyone is a ‘casualty’ (except one) who predicted V3 would be publicly available some time in 2017. Oh my!

The one exception is there remains a Dec. 1st prediction. tmcgahey’s got a ‘lock’ on this date.

Don’t think the contest is ‘dead’ though. There are plenty who have signed up for various 2018 dates. Anyone not in the contest this moment (respecting the ‘2 week rule’) is welcomed and encouraged to join in. Those choosing 2018 dates are increasingly likely to be a winner!

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I’ve got to say, it is somewhat freeing to be “out” :slight_smile: No need to guess each time I see this topic :wink:


The first two days are education classes and certification exams.


Recently I have received some comments from some of this year’s ‘casualties,’ lamenting that they can’t come back and re-enter the contest and try again.

Not true! After you’re a ‘casualty,’ all I ask is that you wait two weeks before entering again (the ‘two week rule’). Kind of like my son’s Call of Duty game - he occasionally gets ‘killed,’ but comes back to life pretty quickly!

Have at it! We’re just having fun.

And really, so far so good on the integrity of the contest. So far it looks like contestants are all ‘on the outside looking in,’ with really no factual clue on when V3 will be available.

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I have a feeling the guys on the inside have no factual clue on when V3 will be available either.


I don’t even remember what we were actually trying to predict… time to go back to the top of the thread!


What are your feature predictions or hopes that version 3 will include?


Here’s a summary - no need to go to the beginning: What’s the contest, what’s the prize, who’s entered at the moment, what the rules are, and what the ‘fine print’ is.

All items are ‘touched up’ here. This posting is now the ‘official’ contest posting.


Have some fun predicting what date Rachio Iro V3 ‘goes live’ to the general public. Rachio may announce Beta Period 2, Beta Period 3, Beta Period XX, a list of features coming, or anything else of a marketing nature, but, the contest winner will be someone amongst all of us ‘don’t know what’s going on behind the curtain’ users who has the closest date guess to the actual, first day V3 is rolled out to the masses.


Four 60W equivalent 9W LED lamps, commercial quality, warm color temperature to match traditional tungsten lamps, omni-directional, over 50,000 hrs run time capability, 5 year warranty, meeting the latest version 2 Energy Star requirements, and manufactured by Earthtronics (private label manufacturer for Philips and Sylvania).

I’m in the commercial LED lighting business. I have these lamps on the shelf, off to the side, labeled with shipping instructions to the eventual winner here.

Here’s the updated contest entry list:

plainsane = Aug. 1st
preilly44 = Aug. 14th
Linn = Aug. 28th
a0128958 = Sep. 14th
Marainwater = Sep. 21st
Jazzer = Sep. 26th
ghctim = Sep. 29th
jim_gately = Sep. 30th
Modawg2k = Oct. 1st
jkb = Oct. 15th
JasonM = Oct. 23rd
DLane = Nov. 1st
jleh = Nov. 3rd
Gene = Nov. 6th
tmcgahey = Dec. 1st

(anyone above this point is officially ‘out’

Bill.Maupin = Jan. 1st, 2018
wx16 = Feb. 1st
rgstech = Mar. 1st
shcaine = Mar. 15th
jim_gately = Apr. 1st
Brett = June 1st
robertokc = June 15th

The contest remains open to anyone who meets the rules (below).


(1) This is a ‘closest to the pin’ contest. Also, in case of tie, accuracy is the tie breaker. I.e., if the announced date ends up being Aug. 31, someone who says ‘Aug. 31st’ wins the tie over someone who says ‘last week of Aug.’

(2) Anyone with a signed agreement of any kind (i.e. an NDA or a permission for photographs) with Rachio, or with a Rachio owned company, or with a supplier to Rachio, is not eligible, regardless of anything. Likewise, anyone who’s a Rachio employee, or has a relationship to a Rachio employee, is not eligible.

(3) No ‘Ebay bidding.’ Let’s use 2 weeks as minimum time between date of one’s contest entry and ‘guess’ date.

‘Fine print’ items:

(1) Rachio has no involvement with this contest, other than (a) I’m using their community posting system to advertise it, and (b) I’ll ask them to affirm a published or stated ‘go live’ date is indeed legit. The contest is simply my idea to have a little fun. Prize material is all from me - I’m donating it from my business.

(2) While this is an anonymous contest, it does assume the winner will privately disclose to me his/her name and mailing address so that I can send the winning prize. If you prefer to remain anonymous (or don’t want/need the prize) just post a note here or to me privately to that effect. It will be easy to find a local charitable institution to donate the LED lamps to.

Lastly, hope everyone today has a glorious Thanksgiving Day!




Can I still enter? I meet all your rules.
My guess date for Version 3 is June 15, 2018


Yep. You’re compliant with the ‘2 week’ rule (by a long shot!).

You now take over as the ‘caboose’ of the contest, taking it over from Brett. I’ve add you in above.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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So, if I signed paperwork with Rachio allowing them the right to use pictures of my house in their promotional materials I can’t play?



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Damn. I’m down to the wire. Come on Rachio!!! December 1 FTW!


I’ll go with Feb 1, 2018.

@tmcgahey If v3 comes out by Dec 15, you’ll still win with the current entries as they are.


wx16, you’re ‘in,’ with a contest date guess of Feb. 1st. I edited the list a few postings up.

Thank you for joining in on the fun. You would think that eventually someone’s going to win.

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They’ll spoil the fun by changing the official release to v4.0 :smiley:


Hmmm. You’re the second occurrence I’ve received recently of comment or fact suggesting that something bigger than a s/w-only V3 is coming.

The next time I touch up contest details I’ll change the contest wording to not be so specific to “V3.” It’s really whatever the next major update is, regardless of calling it V3, V4, V5, VX, etc.


@a0128958 Mine was just in jest :slight_smile:
No insider knowledge of anything in the pipeline…

Somewhat related, do people think Apple will skip iPhone 9?