V3 Beta is Upon Us!




Well, seems that I’m a few hours away from a deadline to guess that something will be released at the irrigation show in Orlando (link). So, I’m putting my name in the hat for the first day of the show (November 6th, 2017).

Frankly, it’s not entirely my idea (seen it here and here), but @robertokc is oddly quiet about making an official guess (beta user perhaps?).

In any case, I’ll be at the show, so I’ll try to get more info out of Rachio reps ;-).



Gene, you’re ‘in’ (barely - for others: read the 2 week rule). I’ll modify the latest posting of all contest entrants to include you with a date of Nov. 6th.

So far, AFAIK, this contest has run with high integrity. I think all contest entrants so far are just like me: clueless on fact but more than willing to venture opinion.

There are no rules (my contest rules) preventing anyone from simply commenting here. Heck, maybe a beta tester will slip, or worse (best) yet an actual Rachio employee who knows everything will slip. Then we’ll know what’s going on.

The LED advanced quality lamps (four) are on a shelf, marked as reserved for the V3 Beta announcement contest.


Here is the updated contest entry list.

We had another recent ‘casualty:’ jkb is ‘out.’

plainsane = Aug. 1st
preilly44 = Aug. 14th
Linn = Aug. 28th
a0128958 = Sep. 14th
Marainwater = Sep. 21st
Jazzer = Sep. 26th
ghctim = Sep. 29th
jim_gately = Sep. 30th
Modawg2k = Oct. 1st
jkb = Oct. 15th

(anyone above this point is officially ‘out’

JasonM = Oct. 23rd
DLane = Nov. 1st
jleh = Nov. 3rd
Gene = Nov. 6th
tmcgahey = Dec. 1st
Bill.Maupin = Jan. 1st, 2018
rgstech = Mar. 1st
shcaine = Mar. 15th
Brett = June 1st

I’m not going to repeat the Purpose, Rules, or Fine Print at this time - nothing has changed here. Go up in the ‘conversation’ about a month to see last posting.

The contest remains open.

Best regards,



I’m going to vote June 1st 2018. My guess is that their first beta found some serious flaws. I’m betting that they’ll want 2 months of active waterers on the new version before release if all goes well…


Oh my, oh my, oh my! We have our first ‘the glass is half empty’ 2Q18 contest entry! Brett, you’re ‘in,’ at June 1st. I’ll update the above list in a moment.

Actually, Brett may be on to something. Keep in mind (as written many times):

“Here’s the contest: Have some fun predicting what date Rachio Iro V3 ‘goes live’ to the general public (as confirmed by someone from Rachio authorized to say it).”

Brett correctly points out that the contest winner will have to wait for Beta testing results to be announced, then perhaps another Beta testing cycle comes up, and those results then have to be digested, all before we have a “V3 ‘goes live’ to the general public.”

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Being honest that is my if all goes well guesstimate. I’ll not be surprised in the least when my date goes flying by and V3 isn’t yet live. I’d also be fine with being proven wrong.


Well, you certainly have no competition (at the moment) being the ‘caboose’ of the contest!

Thanks for joining in on the fun.

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JasonM (Oct. 23rd) is our latest ‘casualty.’ He’s ‘out.’

DLane is next up (Nov. 1st). And right behind him is jleh predicting Nov. 3rd, and Gene predicting Nov. 6th. Could be a bloodbath during the next 7 days.

Noting the recent ‘conversation’ on the lack of freeze control when using Flex Daily other than simply accepting it’s set to 32 degrees and that it is not real time, I sure hope this one’s in the new release.

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Hi there,
I’ve been busy so I have not contributed here. Yes, I would guess Rachio will unveil their version 3 at the IA show. I’m not going to the show this year. You might be interested in the new product contest at the IA Show. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.irrigation.org/2017Show/Events/New-Product-Contest/New_Product_Contest_2017_Entries/2017Show/Events/New_Product_Contest_2017_Entires.aspx%3Fhkey%3Dfc2bc864-058e-4692-a0cd-521a6004db9e&ved=0ahUKEwj11KTjspvXAhUrwFQKHbLUBOoQFggvMAA&usg=AOvVaw1qsN6WhMxuJI0bnRAtMclk.


Hunter is introducing a wireless flow sensor at the IA show this year, but their wifi controller is low on the totem pole. Rain Bird, Toro and Hunter have yet to develop an acceptable smart controller. I will give
Rain Bird and Toro credit for some fine central control systems that are really great. The big guys are adrift at sea in the residential market.


Rachio is listed as an exhibitor. Booth 355. Thank you robertokc for posting the info

Our little contest to have some fun with Rachio making available V3 production download has some people ‘grouped up’ around the first week of November. Not going to be pretty for these contest entrants if Rachio isn’t planning on big hoopla at the convention.

For now I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon that indeed our contest entrants who are signed up for some time coming soon have good hunches, and thus allow myself to get excited that I’m getting V3 in early Nov.

Best regards,



@a0128958 - AKA Bill, sorry to burst your bubble, but I based my estimate on starting the beta testing around iOS 11 being released in September and then about six weeks of testing until the public release. I had no clue about the irrigation show being on the 6th. Here’s to hoping iOS 11.1 is released today or tomorrow for the new iPhone X and that being the gating item for the actual release of V3 and HomeKit support for sprinklers. But what do I know!

And Bill, thanks for sponsoring the fun!


I was a judge at last year’s new product contest. The Orbit B-Hyve/Hydro Rain HRC was the unanimous pick in last year’s landscape irrigation category. My bet is the Hunter wireless flow sensor will win this year. More than likely Rachio will issue a press release or their product will appear in a landscape trade magazine. My prediction is November 6.


Let’s see. Who in the contest has or is closest to Nov. 6th? Ahhhh, it’s Gene! Good luck! We’re all rooting for your crystal ball to be working!

(And if it’s not Gene, then there’s only one person left predicting a 2017 date. Everyone else believes availability won’t be until 2018.)

Best regards,



@a0128958 - why are you raining on my parade! Could I at least celebrate the day that I picked (today) instead of celebrating @Gene 's day ! :wink: Again, it’s been fun and thanks for sponsoring.


Alas, some rain is expected at my parade as well, it is unlikely that software improvements will be released to older gen devices the same day they may be introduced. Even big boys take a week or two between unveiling and release. Since this contest seems to be about release…

In any case, I hope the veil of secrecy will be lifted and we’ll get a hint about the actual release date.


Yep. The contest is to have some fun predicting what date Rachio Iro V3 actually does ‘go live’ to the general public. Rachio can announce Beta Period 2, Beta Period 3, Beta Period X, a list of features coming, or anything of a marketing nature, but, the contest winner will be someone amongst all of us ‘don’t know what’s going on behind the curtain’ users who has the closet date guess to the actual, first day V3 is rolled out to the masses.

The prize prize continues as four 60W equivalent 9W LED lamps, commercial quality, warm color temperature to match traditional tungsten lamps, omni-directional, over 50,000 hrs run time capability, 5 year warranty, meeting the latest version 2 Energy Star requirements, and manufactured by Earthtronics (private label manufacturer for Philips and Sylvania).

The contest remains open to anyone who meets the rules as written before.

Unless something miraculous happens in the next 7 days, we’re going to have a good number of ‘casualties,’ and only one will be left for any date in 2017. There are plenty of entrants who believe Rachio is focused on being ready for the 2018 season, with entries for 1Q.

Best regards,



Well don’t I feel silly :confused:

I’ve just got back from the Irrigation Show “conference”, there I’ve discovered that the “expo” does not start until the 8th (Wednesday).

Note to IA: this is damn confusing!!!

Note to Rachio: Way to keep quiet, could have saved me 4 extra days in the hotel :neutral_face:

Not sure if I’ll make it on the actual show, I was planning to be back late Tuesday night, I guess I suddenly got a couple of days to go to the park(s)…


Request for Report from IA Show

Well, Nov. 6th has come and gone. But, you’re not a (contest) ‘casualty’ yet because no one’s entered with a date between you and Dec. 1st.

There’s still plenty of time for you to tell us some good news!

Best regards,