Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations


At the moment, we don’t have plans to directly integrate WU PWS into Rachio. However, you can use this workaround to get WU data:

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+1 to add direct WUnderground support, honestly I can’t understand the problem to add this support…
For international users like me (I’m from Austria) it will open the door to use Rachio instead of other solutions!


+1 for WUnderground support.

I have an Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP Weather Station but can’t currently use it with my Rachio. Instead it wants to use a weather station a couple miles away which receives sinificantly different rainfall, when it does rain here in Tucson. I see there are some workarounds available but I’m not interested in sinking more $'s into this system to make it work as advertised.


Can you help us understand why?


Does weather snoop and the machine it’s on need to be running 24/7 for this workaround to work?


@emil, do you know the answer to this? I believe yes, but I’d love a clarification.


@7ryder, integration WU directly into Rachio comes with a subscription cost.

Question for you: is something you’d be willing to pay for?


@benblackmer thanks for the reply.

I’m not really familiar with the API pricing at WU, but I took a quick look and pricing doesn’t seem too unreasonable.

If rachio didn’t use a cloud service, and used direct access like RainMachine, it appears that it would cost rachio customer $0/month, right? it looks like I could get a developer API license for free. And according to this website, a free basic account is more than adequate.

But, because rachio uses the cloud, we can’t use this option, correct? So, would rachio’s installed base make more than 100,000 calls per day to WU? if not, it would cost no more than $200/month for every customer.

Am I correct about the pricing or am I missing something?

At any rate, what would the cost/month be to offer it? And if this is the only thing holding back rachio from offering this, why not make it optional and let the customer decide?


Thanks @7ryder. Appreciate all the comments.

We’re still evaluating different weather options for next year. Along those lines, what would you pay for a direct integration with WU?


Hmmm… I have a raspberry pi laying around and am going to try this! Thanks!


Working like a champ! Thanks for getting this together!


I’d be interested in a simple plug and play Weather Station that just worked with rachio…


I’ve been using this set up for a few months.

$20 for weathersnoop running 24-7. I have an extra Mac mini server so it is easy for me to pull it off.


$50 but it would have to be dead easy.


thanks, Johnny! I have my Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP uploading to wunderground and this script works great getting the data over to pwsweather.


mac only scraping solution is inadequate. If a 3rd party software can be written for $19 for lifetime ownership on Mac, Rachio should either write the pc software and sell it for $19 or create an integration to weatherunderground. Weatherunderground has much better resolution of weather stations


I just came back to Rachio after using Skydrop for a long time, and I’m disappointed to see the Wunderground is still not natively supported :frowning:
I have an Ambient Weather that posts to wunderground:


Well, I didn’t have a MAC when I followed the KB to set up Weathersnoop, but took my file server and installed a MAC OS on VMWare, and I think I’ve got it working. The hardest part was getting VMWare to work with a MAC OS again, but thanks to some help from the internet, I think I’ve got it running.

Helpful links:


Add another Wunderground station owner to the list. Would really like the benefit of what the OP is asking for.


Add another WU user to the list. Got a new PWS (Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi) for Christmas that’s working like a champ with WU. Disappointed that Rachio still doesn’t work with WU, though. Not a big deal until I open the system up in the Spring, so hoping Rachio support will materialize by then.