Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations


Thanks, I did capture events and they do show up on otherwise valid API responses. The good thing is that they seem to show up one at a time, unlike other issue known to me (which effects several readings in a row). It should be possible to filter these out, stay tuned.



During the testing for @jcloudm I noticed that issue was much more prevalent than I thought. The only difference is that it usually manifests itself as negative jump in the readings, thus not effecting Rachio as much as it could.

Due to this I’ve tried to rush the fix for the problem, but for now I’m in the process of testing it.
Courageous of you can modify the cron-job URL to to try out the fix ahead of time, for now I’ve setup a testing station for @jcloudm station at BETAMDT pws (link). I’ll continue monitoring it and if everything works without issues, roll out the fix to wufyi / GitHub.



Hi Gene - have you rolled out the updated code? I noticed a lot of cron fails today and wondered if something had changed. Just checking - love using the setup though!


Hi coozie, I’m getting ready to roll it out, a test code is running and I’m making sure no unexpected errors creep up. It is a significant deviation from how wufyi has worked up to now, so testing / debugging took longer than expected.

Sorry about numerous failures today. Alas my host is currently under DDoS attack: The good news is that in the future wufyi continue to function even if the front end is offline. The internal scheduling service I’m testing does not require Apache / Web host to function.

Thanks for kind words, hope you will like the new version even better :thumbsup:



No worries. That stinks that you’re dealing with DDoS. I’m looking forward to the new stuff. If you need help testing just let me know.


Hi Gene,

Just fyi, getting numerous cron-job wufyi transfer failures, as others have also reported,

(503 Service Temporarily Unavailable)



Sorry guys, I’m painfully aware of issues with the cron-job(s).

Backend redesign is taking a bit longer to optimize / debug. wufyi will be largely moving away from 3rd party cron service.

That doesn’t mean I’ve left the legacy code as is. I’ve optimized it a bit and I’m seeing the failure rate improving.

In case I’m still going to be facing major issues with the new backend by tomorrow (hope not), I have a backup plan of parsing the access log for the webhost (which logs 503 errors as well) and executing any failed job(s) which are detected.

Meanwhile the best course of action I could recommend is to simply disable the email notification for the failed cron-job. I know it is not optimal, but I promise it is only temporary.

Thank you,


No worries Gene, it’s not life threatening!

And we wouldn’t even have this “issue” were it not for all the great work you have done to enable this facility in the first place.

Thank you!


Ok, I’m feeling somewhat silly.

Google analytics, of all things, seems to be the primary cause of 503 errors. I’ve been sending anonymous “success / offline / error…” hits to G.Analytics to keep track of server usage / peak times / results and it used to be the fastest part of the whole process (much faster than WU or AcuRite interface for example). As part of today’s optimization, I’ve disabled google analytics and 503 failure rate dropped to 0…

Google, you’ve let me down.

In any case, I’ll continue debugging the new backend, since it will help avoiding cron-job load peaks in the future, but meanwhile 503 issues appear to be solved.



Gene - What would be causing these spikes in my data? I’ve seen this happen several times.


@Smarks Sorry Beta changes are not live yet, you are seeing artifacts of wunderground’s official API feed (which leaves much to be desired). Unfortunately I’ve been dealing with a few deadlines at work and Floridian hurricane prep so any big changes are being a bit delayed.

For now feel free to change url you use within your cron job to start with instead of just This should take care of these spikes.

Take care,


I hope the hurricane turns out to be a “non event” for you!


Thank you @Gene, best wishes to all of you dealing with the hurricanes.


@Gene I am seeing precipitation totals basically duplicated across days. Any thoughts on what could be going on here? It started to snow on Sunday night through Monday afternoon. Tuesday was sunny and 0 precipitation.

Appreciate any help!

Here is the WU Site



Sorry for the issue @Hooper, sent you a PM with info about how to switch to beta. Alas I’m experiencing a few issues with memory management (not directly related to what you’ve experienced) and that is why changes haven’t made it yet to general wufyi code.



For those of us recent Rachio user that are just now discovering that it is possible to use our own personal weatherunderground station for data, is there somewhere that we can go to access the info here without having to go through all 3 years worth of posts??? I have a PC, so the weathersnoop option is a nogo.


See if the following write-up / explanation helps, alternatively just email me your WU station ID to along with your proffered pwsweather station id and/or CWOP station ID (if you’ve set those up already) and I can help you set everything up.



Thanks for the reply! Ok…I’ve been determined to get this working!!! I have my cron job setup and it emails that it works. I have my PWS setup and it is recording data from my accurite. Now how do I get my PWS to show up in the PWS list in Rachio? That is the only part I can’t figure out. Does it just take a certain amount of time?


BINGO!!! It just appeared so I guess that time is the answer. I’m so excited to be able to use my owner weather station now!! woo-hoo!


Gene - Just a quick note to thank you for your work on this. Just got this all set up in about 30 minutes with my PWS. I love active online communities like this!