Using valves in series

Newby question. Is it possible to use two valves at the same time that are not wired in parallel with each other. In addition to of the master valve of course? I have a situation where I want to be able to remotely add water to a swimming pool using a watering line that is already configured, I would like to add another valve for the pool and be able to turn both on at the same time. The issue is that I don’t always want them both on, I need to be able to water normally and then turn on the additional valve only as needed. Is this possible?

In my testing using the home automation system smartthings. Actuating two valves at one time does not seem to work. Only one valve operates at a time even when both are called.

Thanks for your help!

Nope. Can’t run two zones at the same time.

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That would have been a easier way to ask the question. Good to know. I will need to add this second valve to a z-wave relay so that it can be powered only when called.


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