User-specified default watering schedule for new Watering Times

Any time a new Watering Time is created it defaults to “every 3 days” at 5AM. Please let me change that default.

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted inside the app having to change this to “every Thursday”, i.e. for every new watering time I’ve ever created (or re-created). It’s particularly painful because (it seems?) changing some of these settings requires communication with the cloud, and therefore is slow.

For the foreseeable future, I won’t be able to water on any day but Thursday. So I’d really like a way to tell Iro to create all new WTs on Thursday only. I’d think that for any user under a watering restriction, the default is almost certainly going to need to change every single time.

well, i am curious, how many times have you created a new schedule? from the sound of your post it sounds like every day.


Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate the suggestion.

I can see the frustration here. Unfortunately this is not something that we have the capability of doing. Are you creating a lot of schedules, or are you just tweaking on a frequent basis. Just curious why are you needing to do this so often. Once you save to every Thursday you should’t have to do it again. If it is not saving for you definitely let us know and we will try to recreate it on our end.



I probably overstated the issue in my initial post.

I’m generally not creating a lot of schedules. I was creating several new schedules recently, however, and that’s when I noticed how tedious this becomes. First, in response to this: Rotor Head Precip Rate. Then, in response to debugging this: Sun/shade not affecting run time. So, I probably created 6-8 schedules in a span of an hour or so…

This just seemed like such an arbitrary setting to fix as default for every new WT, since folks are dealing with water restrictions that are going to constrain every WT they create in the future. And in my case, once I have forgot to change this 3-day setting (user-error) and it resulted in watering on a non-watering day.

But to be clear, this is a “nice to have” feature request, and if it can’t feasibly be changed that is perfectly OK. Thanks for the follow-up.


@ramblinwreck, thanks for your valuable feedback and user experience. I can relate to your pain point and will forward this to our product team for further review.

An alternative to scheduling on the mobile app would be to create a watering time and use IFTTT + your Google calendar to manage your watering schedule.

Let me know your thoughts.

Best, Emil